Seller Note:PRODUCT DETAILS No two meetings are ever exactly the same, which means the furniture in your conference rooms shouldn’t be either. Sometimes you may need your team to gather around one big table for a long discussion, but if you’re presenting, it’s better to have multiple tables facing forward. How can you prepare for multiple scenarios without dedicating part of your budget to furniture you’ll only use half the time? By purchasing a single versatile solution: a modular flip-top conference room table. Modular furniture is a set of complementary pieces that can be used individually or fit together to form one large piece. In addition to the price advantage of getting multiple pieces of furniture in one, modular sets also make it easy to rearrange your office layout whenever the need arises. With a modular conference room table, you can put one large seating area in the middle of the room or break it up into smaller stations where different teams can work separately. You can also get creative with table setup to make space for presentation materials or focus your employees’ attention on a certain part of the room. If you won’t be having any meetings for a while, just fold your flip-top conference table up and store it away until the next one - you can leave that valuable office space open for something else in the meantime. Modular Flip-Top Conference Table Product Details Our modular flip-top conference room tables are easy to set up, rearrange, flip, and store. They’re perfect for an office environment with ever-changing needs for meetings and conference space. The following information pertains specifically to the 60” x 132” modular flip-top table, but we have other tables in a variety of sizes and colors with similar specs. This modular flip-top conference table is composed of four individual 66” x 30” tables. Each individual table seats two users, for a total of eight, with additional space at the end for especially busy meetings. ends for especially busy meetings

Conference Flip Top Table

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