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Speedy delivery & assembly on-site.

We offer white glove delivery and installation service on all our products. This includes:

  • Shipping

  • Delivery to the location of installation in the building

  • Assembly and installation

  • Cleaning the space

Secure delivery from coast to coast.

All our pods are warehoused in Las Vegas. Shipping is free within Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area regions. For all other US locations, we will coordinate delivery and installation at the lowest possible charge. 

Shipping & Installation Fee

Since each order differs, we assess delivery & installation fees individually based on the following key parameters:

  • delivery address 

  • accessibility to shipping dock or curb side delivery 

  • width and height of door(s)

  • floor number 

  • access to 8"x8" freight elevator 

Approximate Fees

  • Zone:  $300 (Zone 1 – Las Vegas and nearby) to $1,000 (Zone 5 - New York)

  • Per Pod Installation Cost: $300 (1-seater) to $1,000 (6-seater)

  • Surcharge: Depending on the parameters answered above, there may be a surcharge cost which may not exceed $500 per pod.

Delivery & Installation: Shipping

*Submitting delivery and installation parameters are mandatory when placing an order. Delivery and Installation costs will be invoiced separately within 72hrs of order receipt. To get a quote before ordering, please calculate your delivery & installation cost below.

Calculate my delivery and installation

Our team will send you a quote for your delivery and installation fee within 72 hours

Accessibility to the location
Parking & Unloading

Thanks for submitting!

Delivery & Installation: Price Quote

Let's Chat.

If you want to learn more about shipping and installation costs, or you have any other questions before you place the order, please do not hesitate to contact us through the chat window or send us a message. We will be prompt to respond. If you will like to place an order directly with us, please email us at

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