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Compliance and safety first.

Alcove pods have been meticulously designed with best-in-class materials, features and functionality to achieve complete fire, electrical, ADA, and seismic compliance - ensuring your ease of use and peace of mind.

100% Compliant


Designed for fire resistance: enclosed and/or slatted roofs, roofs with sprinkler hoses or fire extinguishers, and CAL 117 compliant materials for walls, paint, seating and fabric.


Engineered for UL electrical compliance: circuit breakers on the back of power cable ensures they connect to a power supply with ease.


Built to resist seismic waves: robust materials maintain a strong grip on the floor for stability and structural integrity in the case of natural disasters and earth vibrations.


Custom-designed with modular elements: full retractable furniture, entrances without step-ups, and wide door frames  ensure accessibility for all.

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